New Zealand was one of the last places on earth to be reached by humans. In this short time, people have struck up a remarkable relationship with the trees; using them for medicine, food, construction, recreation, spirituality, and scientific endeavours.

Click on a plant below to learn about its role in history,  it’s interaction with people, and how it has been put to use over the years.

bush-lawyer    celery-pine     Kanuka thumb     karaka     Kawakawa.png     Kiekie 2     Kumarahou     lace.png     Lemonwood     Mahoe   manuka     Mangemange     Mapou     ngaio     nikau     Pingao      pohutukawa    Pukatea     puriri     rimu     supplejack      Taraire.png     tawa     totara     tree-fuchsia     tutu     wharangi     whau

4 thoughts on “Trees

  1. tu meke !

    first light, exploration of the stars, learning of titoki and inspired to grasp ngaio as she grows right outside our door) stumbled upon this vibrant site… Nga mihi, thankyou


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