The Meaning of Trees
explores the history, use and significance of New Zealand’s native plant species. Here you will find information about the role plants have played throughout history, and how they have been used for medicine, food, shelter, science and spirituality. The goal of the website is to show that plants are not just as creatures that share our landscape but are active players in our history and lives.

This blog formed the basis for a best selling book from Harper Collins Publishers. If you like what you see on the blog – check out The Meaning of Trees – The history and use of New Zealand’s Native Plants, which explores a wider range of native plants and delves deeper into the story behind each plant.

How to use this website

Find out detailed information on a particular native tree or plant.
Learn how it has been used and viewed throughout history.

This section explores key people and groups that have shaped our interaction with plants.

Learn how the native flora have influenced human and evolutionary history.

Explores which native plants are edible and which make the best teas and beers.

Who am I?

Find out more about the author of Meaning of Trees Robert Vennell

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    1. Thanks very much! Glad to hear you are enjoying the site. I definitely intend to keep it going indefinitely and have a very long list of plants and other things I’d love to write about. I’ve been taking a break at the moment to finish my thesis, but hope to be back writing again soon!

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